Wednesday, August 3

what awaits...

Ready to see these crazies tomorrow.

On the Santa Barbara bucket list for the next ten days:
  • Celebrate Santa Barbara's Fiesta like there's no tomorrow. I wish I had pictures to show you what this truly means. Maybe better off that I don't? Lots of dancing in the streets. Lotta confetti eggs sold by the crate. The best street tacos north of the border. More dancing in the streets. Unwanted high school reunions in dive bars...
  • Cook for my family every day, because that's one of my favorite love languages.
  • Meet up with a fellow blogger and newfound e-pen-pal (we know, we wish there was a cooler way to say that too).
  • Get a tattoo finally...whhaaaaaa??
  • Pick blueberries. Eat blueberries. Finally not pay $$$ for blueberries.
  • Reinact this blog post in every single way...since SHE'LL BE IN SANTA BARBARA FOR THE WEEKEND TOO!
  • Run on the beach with this little piece of work
  • Love on these sisters.
  • Tan.
Go do something great with your week. 
Read some poetry while you're at it. This one helped me out today: The Certainty of Numbers.
Listen to this remix of Pumped Up Kicks. I promise it won't make your ears bleed like some other remixes.
Make this Rainier cherry mojito. And then make me one.
Gawk at what I like to call floor porn, and then get upset that you have linoleum when you could have these Herringbone wood floors made with reclaimed French Oak. For serious.   


Fit With Flash said...

haha i'll be in CA for the next ten days too. and just wrote an almost identical blog post. #didwejustbecomeclose?

stace said...

awww, have an awesome weekend! sounds amazing!!! especially the cooking meals for family part. :]

wildchild said...

woowoo! have so much fun with your fam :) sister tan time is and i can't wait to see your tattoo. live it up!

a day with kate said...

i love this list for a number of reasons. namely, the third bullet point :)

and a tattoo?? so exciting. oh, and floor porn = amazing!!

Marshall said...

tell them hi for me!!!!!!

Sarah said...

sooooooooo excited!!!!!! i think an exact reenactment would be perf. do you think we can clock another 5 mile-r?

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