Tuesday, August 2

one for the kiddos

My most recent nanny gig just ended, and while I'm embracing the extra free time with my whole heart, I'm also missing these kiddos (and maybe the weekly paycheck...?).
Whilst holding a huge Molly Moon's ice cream cone, Henry lovingly told me, "You're going to be a great mom." I'm sure that statement was 90% brought on by the ice cream, and much less brought on by my parenting skills. Which are stellar, by the way.
Because Eva was in school longer, I spent the majority of my time with Henry. We clocked a lot of hours at the library, where he would "read" to me. Sometimes we would play construction (top right). Other times (aka most times) he would pose as a Sounders player and tell me that since I live in Seattle now, I should be a "Sounders cheerleader." 

Eva: "Honestly, who decided what's a weed and what's a flower?" My little philosopher at heart.
And that picture of Henry with the Diva Espresso cup sums up my methods of employment. If only I had thought to have him reading an Alaska Airlines magazine...missed opportunity, I guess.

I will most miss the dance parties. Henry was really into Ratatat, and sometimes Michael Jackson. That kid can car dance like a champ, meaning he did a great 'shoulder scrunch.'


wildchild said...

how cute :) i bet they miss you as much as you miss them.

Blue said...

I LOVE Ratatat. So much.

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