Monday, August 8

I'm in California...

...where no one goes below 75 on the freeways, no one can parallel park, and no one tips at coffee shops. 

Ahhhh, home.

Wasn't expecting this, but I'm actually missing Seattle. I know...right?!
So I found an alcove in one of my fav SB coffee shops between friend dates and shopping with Mom to sit back and process. New reading material close by, some surprisingly good cold-brewed coffee...and there's even a guy outside the window wearing a hoodie and smoking a cigarette on a bike. Perhaps Seattle and Santa Barbara are more similar than we thought...except for the fact that the coffee shop is playing Pepper. So that's a struggle.

I'll get all introspective on you guys later (who's excited?!?!), but for now, some photos that just make me glow inside. I've shown her off before on the fact I think she was one of my first posts two years ago! 

Meet Zoe, my sort-of-niece...aka my cousin's 5-year-old daughter. Every time I see her (every time) she asks if I brought my "clicky camera." And so we do photo shoots. Every time. The missing-tooth-gap kills me. I'm in love.

In other news, head over to my dear friend Allie's blog, No Small Dreams, to see me rattle off about high school crushes and semi-embarrassing "pros & cons" lists. Life-changing stuff.


Fit With Flash said...

Yay for SB. I love that place! And welcome back to CA. I'm in SD now, loving it. Hope you have fun while you're at home! Send me your post whenev : )

Amanda said...

Always love reading your posts Maddie. I have read your entire blog (hope that doesn't creep you out -- please take it as flattery lol) and really enjoy your writing! Really liked your guest post today too. Left a comment over there for ya as well! I'm off to Cali this weekend -- how's the weather?!

[Anna] said...

Dude. I can totally parallel park.

And I'm glad you're here! xoxo

Grace said...

Aw lovely photos!

Katie said...

Such great pictures! xo

Michaela said...

Oh my gosh...this is crazy...I'm from California and live in Seattle for school also! I'm going to be a junior this fall at SPU studying interior design. So happy I found your blog (: Good to know someone else misses the sunshine while they're in Seattle!

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