Sunday, August 14

a day with Kate

Girls and farmer's markets. 
They're like peanut butter and chocolate...hipsters and fixies...Simon and Garfunkel...
Admittedly I took that one too far, but am I right, or am I right?
In my first week back in Santa Barbara I went to two, with a few different girlfriends. Just to stare at the tables of shiny harlequin produce. And the samples. The samples are phenom.

On Tuesday I spent a day with kate—literally. Naturally, we did a little FM. Santa Barbara does it so right. It's all local, but I get the feeling that everything is in season all the time. I know that can't be true, but compared to Seattle, where they currently have cherries and cherries, California FM's are unreal.

Back to Kate—she's the sweetest. Go read and love her blog. She used to live in Seattle, but we met through the great social connector that is Twitter. In fact, we were Twitter-introduced by a guy whom (at the time) I'd never officially met either.
And we somehow forgot to shoot a photo together, so you'll just have to trust that we really did meet. Props to her for driving up from Pasadena. We lunch-ed, coffee-ed, FM-ed, wine-ed and chatted about everything under the sun. We also chatted about Seattle...which is usually not under the sun. I miss Seattle.

In other news, I am guest-posting over at Fit With Flash. We are blogger friends who almost met in person once—the stars didn't quite align though (le sigh). Check out her blog...and my ramblings about how I am a total poser runner. Which is still running. I've shared about it on Spidatter before, but the story still remains...


wildchild said...

haha i love the guest post. keepin it real. and waittt. the real katy perry? have i missed something?!

cjacks said...

I love the lines, …“and chatted about everything under the sun. We also chatted about Seattle...which is usually not under the sun.”

Great writing, as usual.

Laura Wynn said...

The photos are gorgeous!! Farmer's Market=perfection. Happy Monday!

Belly B said...

Your blog design is GORGEOUS!!! You take such beautiful pictures. And spidatter (just read your story on how it came about)? Super cute!

Belly B :)

a day with kate said...

dang. your photos are so much better than mine. nice work, friend. also, loved your guest post!!

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