Wednesday, August 17

the two best things in Santa Barbara

Sister 2 & Sister 3
I'm back in Seattle, which by the way is looking soooooo good right now.
This song got me through 24 hours of what I'm calling "Don't Ever Fly Through San Francisco" thank you, M83, I can't wait for you to come to Seattle.


I love being back "home" in Seattle now.
I'm experimenting with calling Seattle home.
And I kinda like it...even caught myself back in California missing the boys in flannel and the ease of shopping local (which technically could even include Amazon for us).


Adam K said...

This song was a delight. I didn't listen to the lyrics, though. Still...a delight.

Glad ya had fun with the sistas in Cali! Welcome back!

Marshall said...

Aw, now I see your room!!!! :) Miss you.

wildchild said...

sisters are always the best thing about going home. or... "childhood home". whatever you're gonna call it now that you've made your own home in Seattle. I could see how you'd miss the boys in flannel. somehow they have a path straight to my heart.

stace said...

haha, amazon! awesome.

obsessed with moss said...

I love that song and I can't wait for the new album.

I miss Santa Barbara AND Seattle so much, you are lucky to call one or the other home :)

Bridget said...

ohhh you make me miss sb.

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