Friday, January 13

twenty • six

• 26 things to know when you're 26 •
Inspired by this article/book

  1. "Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it's the LORD's purpose that prevails." —Proverbs 19:21
  2. How to curl your own hair. Like this.
  3. Your Facebook wall/timeline/status is not a place for raw emotion/sappy lyrics/photos of you with red Solo cups
  4. How to parallel park like a champ. And then move to Seattle and learn to do it in reverse, on the opposite side of the street. #superchamp
  5. What the inside of a therapist's office looks like. In detail.
  6. What your non-negotiables are. (But finally ditch "the list.")
  7. What your signature coffee drink is/what your signature cocktail is. 
  8. How to drive a manual transmission.
  9. Leaving home is okay.
  10. Going back home is okay.
  11. Owning one amazing lipstick color over $20 is okay.
  12. If you have any food sensitivities/intolerances/allergies...and what the differences are.
  13. How to read the Bible.
  14. "Acceptance is a small, quiet room." (via)
  15. How to throw a dinner party. And make it look like this
  16. Always ask "Why?" before putting anything on the Interweb.
  17. The grass is always greener on the other side...because "our hearts are restless until they rest in You." (Saint Augustine of Hippo)
  18. Men and women can't be friends.  
  19. Only wash your hair every 2-3 days.
  20. Who you are...and what your game is. 
  21. The difference between being "busy" and being "productive."
  22. No one else knows where they're going to be in five years, either.
  23. You are not, in fact, the only single person left in America.
  24. You're allowed to return bridesmaids dresses. Because I said so.
  25. You've got to be a friend to have a friend.
  26. Give yourself grace. Someone great I know once said, "As believers we are often exposed to (or perhaps went to school with) so many extraordinary speakers and leaders who are doing really impressive things in the name of the Lord: starting non-profit agencies, writing books, speaking to thousands, going to prestigious grad schools...But let's be honest: the majority of us will be ordinary people who simply need to invite the extraordinary God to work through us in the daily stuff of life." 
 It's Friday the 13th...of January.
Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


ika said...

love it, love you. So miss seeing you in between holidays. Have a wonderful Birthday.

Caiti said...

Happy Birthday!

Loved this post!! Thank you for sharing!

Have a fun birthday weekend!!

laurenjeanallece said...

Happy birthday!

And what a wonderful post - everyone should read this, 26 or not!

Kelly Soifer said...

Love this post. For multiple reasons. All of which you know. Nice work. 18 and 26 are tied for favorites though.

abby said...

this is a great list, especially #26!!!! lovely photograph and happy belate birthday!

jillian nicole said...

Found your blog via Ahn @ Living W/ Mr. Johnson and just had to say how great this list is! #6 is what happened right before I met my husband!:) Hope you had a lovely birthday, Maddie!:)

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