Wednesday, January 11


It's January 11th and I'm just now mentioning New Year's Resolutions. Behind much? 
In a similar vein, we still have Christmas decor hanging around our house. As noted above.

I tend to shy away from New Year's Res-ies for a few reasons:
  1. Everyone does them. I live in Seattle now—I'm hipster.
  2. The word resolution is overwhelming. Sometimes it reminds me of a giant Wizard of Oz voice booming something along the lines of, "I heeerrreby ressooollllvvee..."
  3. If you fail to uphold your NYR's, guilt tends to follow. And guilt is of the devil.
So I work in terms of goals, hopes and intentions
It's all in how you phrase them. 
"By 2013, I intend to ______."
"This year, I hope to ______."

And honestly, sometimes they're silly. 
Or perhaps they're just realistic.
One year my goal was to floss every night. That was a life-changing year. And I'm not being sarcastic. I mean, how many of you do this every single night
And (thankfully) it's carried over for me into the remainder of my life.

Another year I pledged to stop saying sorry so much and only apologize when I should. I realized that I burdened myself with an abundance of self-imposed guilt rooted in low self esteem by apologizing frequently to assist in calming others down and to avoid conflict. But I wasn't communicating my own feelings effectively or acknowledging my own value.
It allowed me to finally take ownership of my role in several relationships.  

I have plans of all shapes and sizes for 2012...many of which I'll be sharing on the blog this week. But to start things off in a more lighthearted fashion...
In 2012, I am going to learn how to like mushrooms. 

Sooooo...what are some of your realistic, tangible plans for 2012?
Start small.

And if all else fails, grab a Lululemon bag—


Fit With Flash said...

i keep meaning to do my reso post too... so you're doing good by beating me to it : )
good job on the floss thing. i've been lagging lately. i'll join in on that one.

Adam K said...

Good luck on the mushrooms. I've tried to like them, but then my gag reflex reminds me where I stand. Although cream of mushroom is surprisingly tasty and comforting. I think it must have high amounts of sodium.

The lululemon bag completely overwhelms me. I mean, sure, the Bible has way more proverbs to follow, but most of those fall under umbrella genres like don't lie, think before you speak, listen to others, and work hard. Trying to remember something like breathing deeply will just cause me to stress out and hyperventilate. I only half-kid.

I guess this is another reminder that I should do my own list of resolutions and share at least a few with the world.

Adam K said...

Also, the little nonsense word that Blogger asked me to retype to post a comment on your blog was "uncest". It made me giggle.

Caiti said...

This is my sentiment EXACTLY!! Last year was the first year I set an intention for the much more freedom for it to be expressed and so much fun exploring the different ways to express the intention as well...AND the grace with an "intention" versus "resolution"...So this year, my intention is to love...

a day with kate said...

AHH. I'm so impressed that you floss every night. I really need to make that happen. And I loved this post... I need to make some tangible plans..

Also: "I live in Seattle now. I'm hipster." hahahah. #love

KelRanck said...

I will assist you in coming into your newly discovered love for mushrooms. Mushrooms and I are already in an intimate relationship.

Nicole said...

you have such a beautiful heart. and i just have to follower your blog because of it.

thanks for your pure honesty. love it.

my words for this year are dream and encourage.

love to ya

grace said...

what the what, why aren't i following you in insta-g's? yay for being new iphone owners! aren't they like... a requirement for living in sf/seattle anyway?

Janell said...

I completely agree with your thoughts on new years resolutions. Quite frankly, they suck. I wrote a similar post about them on my blog. I came up with a 2012 list. It's just a list of small things that are accomplishable and won't make me feel like a failure if I don't get around to them. Love the blog! -Janell

Robyn said...

your blog is lovely-i'll be back!

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