Monday, January 16

birthday weekend

Also known as...the BEST weekend. 
Gloriously unfiltered birthday sky.
Kel, me and Chels at The Neptune to see Kris Orlowski and Allen Stone.

Kris Orlowski

Chels made me "Better Than Sex" cake. I'm taking her word for it...

First snow of the year in Seattle!
Dawn Mitschele and Noah Gundersen performed with Kris Orlowski.
And oh yeah, Macklemore showed up to play a song with the simply electric Allen Stone. #nobigdeal


Caiti said...

Crazy...I just saw Noah, this past Wednesday, here in LA! Pleased you had a fabulous birthday weekend! Nothing beats those!

Nicole said...

happy happy birthday dear!

the cake looks delish. but ps surely not as good as sex. ;)


wildchild said...

oh gosh, that looks like a glorious birthday weekend. and just cause i always have the post-birthday blues, happy few days after your birthday!!!

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