Thursday, January 19

a sob story

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I had multiple pity parties today. 
There were tears. There were shouts of anger. There were country music stations playing.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I rarely turn my blog posting into a pity party. Feel free to link in the comments to past posts of mine that approach this dangerous blogging territory. I hope you don't find any. (Who wants to hear a bunch of whining?—I get it.)
So God crammed the majority of worst-day-ness for me
And I'll cram a year's worth of tearful self-pity into—hopefully—just this single post.

The story begins in a way that is perhaps counterintuitive to the title of this post:
I have the best dad. 
In the world. Ever. Of all dads that have or ever will exist.
Sure, we all have our dark days, but when it comes down to father-daughter relationships, I believe the most important thing is does she truly know he loves her? 
I totally do. Without a doubt.

(This is the part where I post a nostalgic photo of me and my dad, and you all go, "Awwwwwwwwww!")

Around my birthday I was feeling particularly homesick, so I sent my dad this text:
"You should come visit me!"

[Shout out to my mom, who is also amazingly wonderful! Over the summer, my mom took a roadtrip through Seattle with my aunt, and so we had some fun one-on-one time checking out my new-found Seattle life then, but my dad was only here during the overly stressful move-in week, over a year ago.]

Dad texted right back, totally into the idea, and totally excited. None of that, "Oh I think I might have a meeting" crap.
Long story short—really, I'm trying—we realized I had a free weekend coming up, so he booked a flight for last night. We planned, bought concert tickets, looked up other concert tickets, and I was oh-so-excited to have my dad so stoked to come hang out with me all weekend! 
When you're 26, single and living in a fairly new city, having your dad by your side is simply the best. Even when you're not single, it's the best. [But, let's be honest, especially if you're single.]

But then, this is how the last 24 hours went:
  • Last night's United flight cancelled—
  • Rescheduled for this morning
  • Dad flies from SBA to LAX this morning—YAY!
  • Next flight cancelled
  • Mom calls me at 7am with the news
  • I cry
  • Dad gets whole new flight from LAX to SFO on Virgin America—YAY!
  • Next flight cancelled
  • Next flight cancelled
  • Next flight cancelled
  • You get the idea
  • I cry some more, picturing my poor, sweet dad vainly trying to get on the next flight, and then the next flight, and then the next...just to come see me for about the same amount of time he'd already spent in the airport. After getting up at 3am.
  • Dad gets back to his starting point (aka NOT Seattle) around midnight.
In the middle of all of this, the snow is creeping higher and higher over the streets of Seattle. I drive a two-door Honda. And I had to work today.
I'm also from California and don't own snow clothes. Or anything that remotely resemble snow clothes. Shout out to my roommates who swaddled me in smothering layers and snow-booted my twice-socked feet. 

And then I walked to work. Two miles. Uphill. In the snow. Like the kind where it's 28 degrees.
I told you this was a pity party/sob story post. 
And the partying really only takes off when you're alone, I've realized. With no one to punch your tear-stained face back into reality and remind you that there are homeless people with no shoes dealing with the same weather elements. Who have never even owned a Northface!

Twice I walked past a 4WD truck warming its engine in its driveway, and I almost got in the passenger side hoping no questions would be asked. [Don't worry, Mom, I'm only half joking.]

Work was hectic. Tips were lame. There was no dad to greet me with jokes and hugs at the end of my shift. And I found out that the mysterious hot guy who lives up the street and drives a black truck has a girlfriend. And she owns cute snow clothes.

My plans for the evening:
  • stop looking at ("My life could be so much better!")
  • start reading my current memoir about a raging drug addict ("My life could be so much worse!")
  • drink a glass of Riesling while reading about said drug addict—just one glass.


Laura said...

Sounds like a nightmare!
I had a similar snow experience today.
Which ended up with me being 15 mins late to class, doesn't sound too bad....but I am the teacher...

(N.B. I advise you to make a snow monster, I did, I feel much more optimistic about the snow now!).

bonbon said...

Just recently found your blog, and enjoyed your latest post. It's okay to have a pity party sometimes! One thing that I don't always love about the blogging world is that they seem to paint a too-good-to-be-true view of life. No one talks about problems, they hide those up and talk about beauty and love and that's great... but sometimes it's okay to admit the negative realities too :)

ika said...

definitely something to "laugh" about in the future. All I can think of is an earlier quote you posted: Proverbs 19:21.

wildchild said...

what a sweet daddy you have. i'm so sorry it didn't work out. and damn it for the hot mysterious guy having a girlfriend. that's always the worst. if i was anywhere close, i'd totally lend you some winter clothes and help make things all better :)

Caiti said...

so sorry!! I hope your weekend turns around..even if your sweet, old man can't be there! Dads are the BEST! Glad you have a good one!

cjacks said...

I have a daughter that is so wonderful—to give you even an idea of just how amazing she really is, I'd need to do a week's worth of guest blogs. And believe me, that would only scratch the surface. I'll also need to do a guest blog to scratch the surface of the craziness that was my last 48 hours. The terrible thing is, even though I walked 40 miles in my new (heavy and hot) coat with a whippin' weighty backpack,(back and forth through airports) while trying my best to pull off every option possible to make it to my Maddie—I didn't.

I sure do love you kiddo.


Marshall said...

Maaaadddds. I want to cry with you.

Any chance you're up right now so I can call you at 6am your time?!

Bridget said...

ugh, mads. that SUCKS. stupid cancelled flights.

and yeah, i've read your blog before and thought your dad seemed seriously cool. so, i think it's ok for you to say you've got yourself a good one there.

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