Wednesday, January 25

what the world needs most... another blog post about making homemade almond milk
In my opinion, there just aren't enough of them out there!!!*

So let's get to it.


I soaked about four cups of raw almonds in a bowl of water (just enough so they're covered) overnight.
In the morning, I dumped the old water to get rid of the outer acids and enzymes that were still lingering. Who wants to drink that?
And then I placed the plump little water-logged almonds in a blender. (I might be the only person who uses a Magic Bullet and not a Vitamix—regrettably.)
Add 5-8 cups of filtered water to the almonds in the blender. This will determine how thick your finished milk is, as well as how much of it you'll end up with.


A certain nutritionist says this on her blog:
"I mention a nut milk bag in [my] video, but if you can’t find it don’t worry, just use a cheese cloth."
Cheese cloth, huh? Weird, I can't find mine...

Well hello, "brand new pair of tights that I've had for over a year and never worn."


I regret stretching out the tights to fit around the bowl as seen above. It would have worked just fine to use a section of the tights as a sack and squeeze the excess water ("millk") out from there...since that is what I ended up doing in the end anyway.
It really only took about five minutes to get every last drop. 
I laughed a lot.
I mean, I was in my pajamas in my kitchen squeezing like crazy
trying to get milk made from nuts out of one leg of a pair of black tights.
It's laughable.

It's also preservative-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, and both raw and live.
Not to mention you get a massive pile of almond pulp to dehydrate and be creative with at a later date...


ika said...

Vera always used cheese cloth for a number of interesting foods, including potato balls. I'm sure you can find it in Vons still. However, your resourcefulness is ingrained. Papa would be proud.

wildchild said...

what a little resourceful bug you are. i'm a fan of my cow milk and also being lazy, so i'll stick with that. but good for you being all healthy :)

Ahn said...

good heavens these pictures are beautiful.

cjacks said...

“I was in my pajamas in my kitchen squeezing like crazy
trying to get milk made from nuts out of one leg of a pair of black tights.”

Weird. Something similar happened to me the other night while I was trying to put on a pair of long underwear.

Seriously though, that goes right into my ‘I wonder how many people wrote that sentence today?’ file —at the top!

Even more seriously, you were the one who introduced me to the wonders of using almond milk instead of uhhh …milk milk, I guess. I've been hooked on the nutcream ever since. This will be the first recipe you've posted that I will actually try. Gotta get a pair of tights though. That's gonna be weird.

Crystal said...

I'm sure if you just searched the internet for "nut bag", truly magical results would show up.

Fit With Flash said...

i like to know that my blog friends are food crafty (is there a word for that?) it means that i don't have to be. : ) good job with the tights, buddy. way to macguyver that ish.

bryan farley said...

I love almonds (raw almonds), and I eat them every day, but I may not be this devoted. But the real almond milk looks so good.

glad to have found this post. complete coincidence

Bridget said...

mads, tell me what you're gonna do with your meal.

also, i read someone added a pitted date to the blending process to sweeten it up and that it was delish. i might try it.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Believe it or not I've never had almond milk. It looks so gooooooood!

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