Monday, November 14

a little N. T. Wright

N. T. Wright is simply the man...especially when it comes to anything theological.
Do yourself and your faith a whopping huge favor and take under 7 minutes out of your day to listen to this man talk about "how to read the Bible"...

Click HERE.
Or here:

For some sad reason, certain videos are non-embed-able, and people make you pay for their use. 
I doubt Mr. Wright would be into that, but no one asked me...
I plan on taking a couple hours this week and reading straight through the Gospel of John. 
Join me?


Adam K said...

I'm bout it bout it. (?)

I'll read through John with you! Last night I actually just realized I hadn't read through a Gospel in a while and was feeling like I should.

cjacks said...

Watching that video was the best 7 minutes I've spent in awhile. Thanks for pointing us to such wisdom.

Bridget said...

steve would thoroughly approve of this post.

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