Tuesday, November 15

I'm Madeline, I'm Madeline...

I've always felt a special tie to my namesake. 
Yes, I truly was named after this Madeline
Her height issues and inner hutzpah were a real guiding light in my childhood.
Almost like a cartoon, storybook mentor, if you will.
I mean, when you consider the obvious similarities, we are practically the same person. 

Obvious similarities:
  • I'm small—sometimes even "the smallest one."
  • (...but inside, "I'm tall!")
  • I enjoy straight lines...and order in general.
  • I'm not afraid at all.
  • I'm not some little twig.
  • "I may be teeny tiny, diminutive, petite,
    but that has never stopped me, from being pretty neat."*
Apparent (but unimportant) dissimilarities:
  • I'm not an orphan.
  • I don't have 11 sisters.
  • I only WISH I lived in Paris.
  • I don't look good in yellow. Or hats.

If you believe you must be big 
In order to be tough 
Then you should get to know me 
I'll teach you other stuff 

I'm Madeline, I'm Madeline 
And though I'm very small 
I'm Madeline, I'm Madeline 
And inside I'm tall 

*She may be teeny tiny 
Diminutive, petite 
But that has never stopped her 
From being pretty neat 

I'm Madeline, I'm Madeline 
I'm not some little twig 
I'm Madeline, I'm Madeline 
And inside I'm big 

I'm Madeline, I'm Madeline 
I'm not afraid at all 
I'm Madeline, I'm Madeline 
I'm bravest of all 
She's Madeline, she's Madeline 
We hope you have it straight 
She's Madeline, she's Madeline 
And inside she's 

I've come so close to being her for Halloween so many times. 
I need to just bite the bullet and do it. 
The Madeline Costume. Halloween 2012. Stay tuned. 


ika said...

of course, one of us would have to respond to this. I remember the children's bookstore in Spokane, Wa that I walked into and saw the Madeline book from my childhood (a favorite, of course). Thought it would be the greatest name for a child, if we ever had one. Few years later, Dum-ti-dum-ti-dum! our OWN Madeline! ♡

Marshall said...

I love that, Ika!
Mads, it's perfect. you're going to be thee cutest halloween costume-goer.. possibly of all time.

you really ARE small and you ARE neat.. and now that I think about it, you DO like straight lines

cjacks said...

Yeah, I remember the very moment Mom showed me the Madeline books at the Spokane bookstore. They had a little Madeline display area set up. I'd never heard of the books or Madeline before but, immediately agreed that you should be named after that smart, cute, (and little), Parisian.

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