Tuesday, November 8

guilty pleasure: dance movies

One of my guilty pleasures* in life is watching dance movies. 
Then re-watching them.
Then re-watching just the best dance scenes.
You've heard the saying, "Those who can't do...teach."
Well I've reworked it a tad:
"Those who can't dance...watch."

I may or may not have owned the Step Up trilogy at one point in time.

But then they remade Footloose, 
and I fell in love with Kenny Wormald
The end.

*Other guilty pleasures include unashamedly repping Katy Perry, drinking wine at home alone on a Friday night w/ 3+ episodes of Friday Night Lights, and trying to reenact Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown's No Air video.


Allie said...

"No Air" is def a favorite.

Caiti said...

Umm...I'm pretty sure we need to be friends.

Marshall said...

I just laughed OUT LOUD! Mads, this is no surprise considering zoomba in your family room. I think Ika would be very proud of this post.

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