Wednesday, November 2

Amalfi Coast > Seattle

Loving the forecast this week!


Scusa il sarcasmo...but one year ago I was returning back from the more-than-lovely and warm coastline of Southern Italy.

And I must have been in denial of my return to America or hungover from all the Limoncello...
...because I somehow never blogged about our southernmost travels. 
 Which—arguably—were the most exquisite.
The Amalfi Coast is more photogenic than Kim Kardashian on a good day. (Too soon?)

Even Italian kittens are cuter than American ones.
I mean COME ON.

Happy girls: Erica and me
Thanks for humoring me.


Marshall said...

AHHHHHHH MADS!!!!!!! THESE ARE INCREDIBLE. I feel like I just went back for a few minutes, thank you.

ps. you owe me an email.. and a real letter come to think of it! :)

a day with kate said...

SO GORGEOUS. can we go? i'm free next week.

Allie said...

Italian kittens!!!

wildchild said...

holy cow, that is gorgeous. what a tragedy.

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