Sunday, September 4

when the going gets tough...

I mentioned pulling out the hard-hitters later this week...and here they are. In all of their fiercely aggressive glory.
A lot of collabs, a lot of dancy-dance mixes, remixes and cake mixes.
These are the songs whose bass lines will lift your feet as you run and increase your speed by 22%, which is also my favorite number.
And yes, Katy Perry did make it onto both running mixes.
(If you're viewing this in Google Reader, click here for the music player.)


I've been referring to it as "Bumbershoot Weekend" for so long that I almost forgot it was none other than Labor Day weekend as well! If you're not joining me at Bumbershoot, I hope you all have the best 3-day weekend...maybe ever. 
Go on a run. 
To this playlist.


Emily said...

i'm jealous of your Bumbershootedness. say hi to Over the Rhine for me. and if you haven't yet had the joy of experiencing them live, get ready to have your mind blown.

Rachell T said...

Didn't make it to Bumbershoot this weekend, but I did have a lovely day in Ballard. Back to work today, but next weekend is my threebie.

Enjoy your Monday!

cjacks said...

Well, now you've proven that you're a wearer of many hats. Probably won't be seeing you sporting handmade headwear any time soon, eh? Glad you had a good time at Bumbershoot, even though you saw more sales than sounds.

Marshall said...

Im jealous you have legit music there! Not 80s songs re-sung with a japanese accent. Thank you for the playlist love!

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