Wednesday, September 7

things I learned from Bumbershoot 2011

Well friends, I am Bumber-shot.
After three 12-hour days of absolute over-stimulation of the senses, I know what Labor Day weekend in Seattle is supposed to look like. And it looks goooooood.
Here's a mashed up and eclectic sampler of what I heard and saw...and learned.

  1. You can wear (or not wear) anything to a music festival. Especially if it's over 80 degrees out. This includes SpiritHoods...which are stupid.
  2. Phantogram live is my new favorite drug of choice. Since I did so many other drugs before this.
  3. Light sabers & unicorn heads on sticks...both appropriate ways to show your favorite artists some love on stage. 
  4. Some days, you've gotta dance.
  5. Other days, you've gotta rally like no other just to make it through to the end of The Kills' set, which I was sadly less than impressed by.
  6. You probably could have made it into Bumbershoot with an already-used ticket because the iPhone apps they were using to scan got overloaded and stopped working pretty early on. #vendorsecrets
  7. Lighting a blunt while shoving through a crowd of dancing people is kind of dangerous. (I was only observing, Mom.)
  8. Charles Bradley, oft-referred to as "The Screaming Eagle of Soul" for good reason, is 63 years old, and a baller.
  9. Lil Drag is crazy good. Note the head scarf. Which was kept like that the entire performance.
  10. Photo by Dave Lichterman
  11. Wiz Khalifa. Really, Seattle?
  12. I converted some people to Allen Stone Sunday night. He's the cutest. White boy's got soul! This may sound a tad weird, but usually I get distracted by however musicians are dancing/moving with their feet, but I look at Allen, and I want whatever his hands are on.
  13. A lot more women than I thought don't shave their legs in Seattle.
  14. There were about 30 instances where I had to bite my lip to keep from obnoxiously over-stating, "Gaahh, I am sooooo Seattle right now."
  15. Jake, Kori and Moses are the sweetest. They own and create Flipside Hats, which we helped out during some of the festival.
  16. Hall & Oates still have it. Well, at least Daryl does...not sure why John-the-back-up-singer has been kept on for so long...
  17. I don't trust myself with my good camera at a place like Bumbershoot, so pardon the cell phone photos:
The Fountain Lawn stage
Over the Rhine beneath the Space Needle.
"She's a maneater..."


Fit With Flash said...

love me some Over The Rhine...

Ahn said...

over the rhine was there? dang it.

Allie said...

Fun! I probably would have wanted to punch everyone for wearing those stupid spirit hood things.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, looks like fun. I went once and I can't handle the crowds.

wildchild said...

that looks like a hell of a time. i don't even know these bands and i'm jealous. besides hall and oates. i love me some hall and oates. or at least that one song that's in 500 Days of Summer. that counts, right?

cjacks said...

Spirithoods? Sheesh, I'd wear the 'Grizzly Bear'. Loved the group sing of 'You Make My Dreams'. Thanks for the inside look. Wish I DID swing up for a day or two. Oh well, at least I learned that a checkered shirt with bright green shades should be my new look.

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