Tuesday, August 30

run it out

While I have always had a touch-and-go relationship with running, I realized last year that I could actually do it semi-successfully if I stuck with it. Still, recreational running is kinnnnd of nuts to me. I don't know that I'll ever love love love running just for the hey of it, but I recognize that there are plenty of people who do—so may the Lord bless their outrageous insanity.
And running without music? Gasp. I tried it for a bit because a friend told me that's when she "gets all her thinking done." Except that I can barely breathe when I run, let alone think. So I recharged my iPod and vowed never to experiment with silence again. 

With that said, I typically have two go-to running playlists:
1. One that I'm proud of.
2. And one that I'm not.

Today you get the good one. Talented artists who pull out interesting and intricate pieces of music that keep me company while sweating. Good company. That's all I ask. Later this week I'll give you the harder-hitting, semi-inappropriate and more aggressive playlist. Fun. 
(If you're viewing this in Google Reader, click here for the music player.)

M83Midnight City ... Dear M83, It's been a while—"like three whole years" a while. I cannot wait til you play at Neumo's in November.

Ellie GouldingStarry Eyed ... Dreamy-voiced British artist who lands somewhere between electro-pop and indie folk. Mmmm mmmm yes.

The Black Keys—Ohio ... Just two guys, a couple of guitars, and the best American blues-rock my ears have ever been blessed with.

Hot Bodies in MotionPhysics ... Their music is tough and loose, and with a name that sounds like pure sex, you know great things await you. Also, if you blog about them, their lead singer might buy you a drink two months later. 

The Stone FoxesPsycho ... Bluesy California rock that Jack White would be proud of. And sometimes I shout along mid-run. Also, they did a bang-up cover of I'm a King Bee that was featured in the national ad campaign for Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey. Kind of cool?

The Belle BrigadeWhere Not to Look for Freedom ... Peppy brother-sister duo who do not let their musical vitality waiver. Ever.

TV GirlBaby You Were There ... A little bit Motown, a little bit indie-pop, but this newer duo's unique and catchy hit has not-so-pop-happy lyrics if you listen closely. Also, you can download their four-song EP for free on their Facebook page.

Mister HeavenlyBronx Sniper ... Three and a half minutes of fist-pumping rock. A newer-to-me band, but they seem like capable songwriters, and I'm interested to hear more from them in the future.

Little DragonRitual Union ... I gravitate toward Swedish things. Little Dragon is no exception. And they're at Bumbershoot in Seattle this weekend. Holla.

Katy PerryTeenage Dream (Manhattan Clique Remix) ... Yes, Katy made it onto the good list. I love her.

Maroon FiveMoves Like Jagger ... This is the only song on this list that I'm embarrassed by. I think Adam Levine is creepy, and the lyrics are horrendous. Why is it sooooooo catchy.

Young the GiantMy Body ... No, performing at the VMA's is not selling out. It's winning. 

Florence + The MachinesWhat the Water Gave Me ... Magical. Soulful. Transcendental in the sense that I sometimes feel like I'm having an out-of-body experience when I listen to this song. Which is great while running.

Mat KearneyShips in the Night ... I wanted to marry him in college. He's taken now. But this song off his newest album contains the classic Mat Kearney beat pumps that his fans love.

Grace Potter and the NocturnalsParis (Oh La La) ... The diva of the indie-rock world, in my opinion. The girl is gorgeous. And the girl can sing.

If you missed it, I guest blogged earlier this week at the incredible Moorea-Seal.com. I ramble on about made-up spiritual gifts, and why making mix CDs and playlists falls under that category. Also, I say nice things about having a healthy self-image. 


Allie said...

Oooh. I will use this (on the elliptical)

follow your own way said...

moves like jagger...as ridiculous as the lyrics may be...is pretty captivating. i found myself getting happy while listening to it yesterday.

wildchild said...

question. is it possible for me to get this onto my ipod? i suck at technology, but need new getting skinny musik. also, i'm looking forward to the inappropriate mix. that's the junk that gets me really motivated.

Marshall said...

you love my outrageous insanity.

[Anna] said...

Moves Like Jagger is the BEST running song right now. The.Best.

Jordan said...

Hot Bodies in Motion! Love that band. ; )

Suki said...

I love Ritual Union - it's my new favourite tune!

Rachell T said...

Florence and the Machine is amazing. I personally am in love with Heavy in Your Arms. Welcome to Seattle!

Lauren said...

also substitutes as an excellent "packing your shiz" mix. thanks for making moving much more enjoyable mads :) see you SOON.

Madeline said...

yes, Lauren, yesssssssss

Gaby said...

oh man, i have such a torrid relationship with running but i think i've finally decided it's not for me :) i do love your playlist though, and can't wait for your next one!

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