Tuesday, June 28

What is Spidatter?

That is a great question.
And a funny story...that I realize I've never officially told 'til now.
The first blog I ever read was Dooce.com...and it turns out the blog's author, Heather B. Armstrong, made up the word from scratch. So I drew upon the only word I had ever truly created: Spidatter.
It dates back to jr. high for me. My friend Hannah and I were really into could only afford thrift store shopping, and this was before Mary-Kate & Ashley were covering their little skeletons with vintage and second-hand finds in Teen Vogue. Girls were/are vicious in those early adolescent years. We'd get complimented on outfits (not often, but it did happen once or twice), and as soon as we were asked where we bought them, Danielle and her posse the "mean girls" would smirk condescendingly and discontinue our friendship for the day.
Being the innovative 12-year-olds that we were, Hannah and I came up with a new term to replace "thrift store" in 6th grade fashion conversation: Spidatter.

I'm on the far right, Hannah's beside me, and those two little pissed off midgets are our little sisters. I think it goes without saying that we did not lack anything when it came to good fashion sense and personal style.
Allow me to illustrate:

Mean Girl #1: Oh hey I actually like that shirt you're wearing. Where'd you get it?
me: Just this little store called Spidatter.
MG1: Where? I've never heard of that.
me: Oh it's a really, really, small boutique...an hour away...
MG1: Is it invitation only?
me: Yah...I think so. I mean, probably...

Lots of honesty woven in there.
Point being, that is where the name Spidatter truly originated. Now it stands to represent anything and everything that I create from scratch and don't have the confidence to fully back yet. I'm learning how to own up to my passions and find freedom in the creative life. I hope you'll join me as I struggle (in a good way) to become brave enough to live creatively.


Bridget said...

i feel special that i already know this story.

also, love the new header.

Fit With Flash said...

get it girl. thrift store shopping is the ish. i still own some of my high school shirts i got for $.25. get some.

ika said...

Awe. I love this. Love the photo, love the memories. Chocha Eera juice is a classic as well.

wildchild said...

haha that's cute. im all for making up stories to get the mean girls off your back. how else would anyone survive public school?

Allie said...

You're so smart and lovely. That's why our future blog will be so successful. Now, please think of a catchy name.

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