Monday, June 27

the civil wars @ the triple door

She is sultry, flirtatious, and oh-so-coy—whimsically floating her arms about in dance-like waves as if each melody was being suspended out from her fingertips, delicately flung to the corners of the audience.
He is stoic, almost brooding, with no affect, but he smirks with his lips and eyes as she playfully fingers a curl of his shoulder-length Johnny Depp hair.
And then their harmonies pour into each other like honey and maple syrup as their audience tries not to blink. 
Yet they're both married to two different people.

Some say they must be secretly in love to portray such passionate and tangible chemistry, both physically and in their song-writing. 
Either that, or they're just two damn good actors who got lucky.

It doesn't really matter. I saw them Thursday night and would see them again tomorrow night if I could. Tonight even. 
Buy a ticket to their show nearest you. 
And hurrrrrrrrrrry, before the rest of the world finds out about the best kept secret in musical duos.


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