Thursday, June 23

summer came

There goes my once-a-year chance to do a true Summer Solstice post...
New *SUMMER* blog header soon. I know you're all checking every day like, "Girl, come on, this is what I woke up for..."
I know this.
It'll happen.
I've been busy day-drinking at the Fremont Fair and getting my first sunburn of the summer.
And right now I haaaaavvvve to go enjoy some Civil Wars at the Triple Door.
All of which I will post about. Tomorrow.

Luh ya!


Emily said...

Beautiful, summery photos!

wildchild said...

ooh that first picture is magical. also, question: do you make your blog headers yourself? i want a new layout and junk, but can't really find anyone i love for cheap. i'm debating just learning how to do it myself...

Bridget said...

watermelon. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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