Thursday, June 30

Fremont Fair

I'm about a week (two?) late in posting these photos, but they warrant some blog love, so here is my day spent day-drinking, Thai-food eating, Hot Bodies-watching and Solstice-celebrating at the overtly ridiculous 40th-Annual Fremont Fair.
If I could make love to a voice, I choose his.

Papa Smurf like.

Britta the hand model.

Kris Orlowski (love!) and the lovely Allie (not yet tipsy) perfecting her 'candid clap.'


Ahn said...

oh my gosh. that picture of allie and the smurf...perfection.

wildchild said...

i approve of the hot bodies in motion man's voice as well. super approve.

Allie said...

OH my gosh. a) bold "make love" comment! b) I didn't get THAT tipsy, just for the record... ;)

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