Wednesday, May 11

william fitzsimmons & slow runner

parking in stupid downtown Seattle - $4
spicy ginger Phoenix salad w/ Jamie - $10
watching William Fitzsimmons from three feet away crack perfectly-timed jokes and then 
seamlessly begin strumming to the most depressing song lyrics ever?

I re-fell in love with music tonight. William Fitzsimmons played alongside the guys from Slow Runner at the Triple Door and I just about died from smiling, which, by the way, is hard to do...
During the show, I realized how much I love watching boys' feet when they play instruments.  They move completely second nature to the rest of their body...
it becomes an involuntary movement of sorts. 
Shows how much they're feeling the music.
I think I'm going to write a poem about it.
Go ahead, make fun.


wildchild said...

that is such a sad song. but you're right, it's beautiful.

Adam K said...

I think you should write a poem about it. In fact, if you read the last four sentences in this post, in a certain cadence, it sort of reads like a poem.

indiatrip said...

Oh no...
I get made fun of all the time for my crazy dance feet while playing. Go easy on me.

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