Tuesday, May 10

wild hearts can't be broken

Young love.
Found these gems when I went home to Santa Barbara last week... 
I'd be lying if I said my self esteem wasn't boosted just a little.

The second one was signed:
"Love for eternity, Brendan"
Pretty sure we were "going out" for all of two weeks.
 And I'll never understand why it was called "going out." We had nowhere to go.
No one has cars (or driver's licenses for that matter) in 7th grade. 
And what mom would let their 12-year-old daughter go to a movie theater alone with a boy?
Not mine.
But we did hug once.
And we passed notes like wild fire in study hall. As you can see.

I actually found quite a few more treasures in an old trunk from junior high and high school, but I've got to spread out the wealth over at least two blog posts.


wildchild said...

haha oh old love notes. i could be black mailed if my older brother ever found mine. everything is so serious and dramatic at that age. but hey, if they make you feel better about yourself, why not read them again?

Amanda said...

I'm pretty sure you need to share the contents of said notes with us... He must have wooed you with his words :P

Fit With Flash said...

The most beautiful girl in EXISTENCE. That's pretty dope. Don't even think my husband's said that to me... nice, job. Nice job.

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