Monday, May 9


They're good-looking. They're great people. And they're some of my closest friends. Saturday they formed a one-night-only band to play at the town's most popular dive bar (oxy-moron?). They are the Cole Younger Gang. Don't they look legit?!

I love these people, and wow do they know how to sing and play their hearts out—all while making country music look so so good. They killed it Saturday night at Creekside, and half of Santa Barbara was there to brush up on their cowboy roots. 
I was doubly/selfishly excited for the show because it meant that I'd get to see all of my favorite people (and then some) under one roof before heading back to Seattle. #WINNING! 

Drew, Todd, Nick, Ryan, Ian, Lauren — Photos by Montana Dennis

Did I mention it was one big reunion? I bumped into a guy I had gone out with for three days my freshman year of high school (yes you read that correctly—three days). He was there with his wife, who apparently works with Lauren, the girl in the band/one of my BFF's from college.  
Oh little town of Santa Barbara, you are so very small. Back to Seattle we go!


wildchild said...

they look so real. like lady antebellum, but even more country. if possible.

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