Saturday, May 7

What did you all do for Cinco de Mayo? ...if anything? :) I climbed to Tangerine Falls in the Montecito Mountains ("hills") with one of my favorite people. I'd never been on this hike before but was still fairly certain we were going the wrong way since we were literally using tree roots to climb up boulders. Then again, I'm a little more dramatic about it because I'm on the shorter-legged side... Either way, Jordan was my fearless leader and the view from the top of the falls was incredible. The ocean was covered in a thick layer of fog, but you can still see the islands off in the distance!


In other news, Sister #2 and I drove down to Pasadena yesterday to pick up Sister #3 from APU after she finished her freshman year of college! At age 17, too—you go girl! 
On the drive back, we absolutely dominated Eminem's rap in Rihanna's "Love the Way You Lie" song, and while I was openly proud of our ability to sound just like Shady, it made me start thinking...
Pathetic how I can rattle off Deuces like it's NBD...yet don't remember the last chunk of Scripture that I actually committed to memory?
Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Chris Brown's music as much as the next white girl, but I'm committing to you all right now that I'm going to start rearranging my lyrical priorities.


heidifaith said...

I don't know if you're interested but I (HEIDI) went to work, went to my parents & ate Japanese food with my mom & brother and then lost to them in Scrabble :).

I enjoy your thoughts on lyrics. I recently met a mama who makes her children print off the lyrics to albums they want to buy and make a case to her as to why it would be beneficial to them to own it. Kinda think I may need a dose of that in my life.

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