Monday, May 16

Dear Kristen Wiig,

...can you possibly be this incredible in real life?
...if so, can we be friends?
...will you be a bridesmaid in my wedding?
Saw this last night with some of my Seattle BFFs and was in literal TEARS with laughter.
Not too over the top by any means, and had tons of truth in it.
I highly recommend.
How cute is she?
"I'm ready to paarrrrrtttaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!"


wildchild said...

oh my gosh. i posted about this too. seriously the funniest movie i've seen in a long time. i was peeing my pants. i especially loved the fat friend. but kristen was hilarious.

Allie said...

This is a really unimportant note about the movie, but I really liked Kristen's clothes :)

hayley oa said...

the plane scene. talk to me about the tears that were shed during the plane scene. I couldn't breathe.

Fit With Flash said...

when she called the teenage girl the C word, i almost choked on my reeses pieces

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