Wednesday, May 18

crazy beautiful

Today I really enjoyed being inspired 
by something this insanely beautiful and uniquely crafted.
Glass's crazy to me that someone invented that.
Well done, Mr. Glassblower Creator/Inventor Man...Woman?
I feel like you deserve to be recognized on Budlight's "Real Men of Genius."

In other news, today I took Henry to a huge playground because Seattle was trying to pass 70 degrees, and I would have felt guilty if we weren't outside. While he played with a friend from school, me and the other mom (yah, I go on play dates with other moms) watched THE WEIRDEST thing unfold before our eyes.
This photo doesn't do it even a teensy-weensy bit of justice, but I'll show it to you anyway:

Bottom line: 40+ year-old man, SHIRTLESS, decides to take over the swing set at a playground teeming with little children under five. He wasn't just swinging you can see so well from the picture, he was doing twists, turns and other "tricks" that were super weird. Mom #1 and I couldn't stop staring. TEN MINUTES went by and the guy was almost flipping upside down, he was going so high. As soon as we start to walk away (trust me, it was hard to pull away), we hear a little boy start to SCREAM. 
Guess whose shirtless man-child body completely plowed over a two-year-old innocently walking in front of the swing set at the park?
 True story.


wildchild said...

oh my gosh, crazy guy. what the heck? that kinda creeps me out.

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