Thursday, April 7

(play)-date with mr. handsome

 Yesterday started out with a little of this.
I figure I might as well eat like a 5-year-old if I'm going to hang out with one all day.
And then when I showed up at school to pick him up, his teacher said, 
"You're going home with quite the handsome boy today..."
Turned around and saw this little number:
Walked to the car holding my hand and everything.
Of all days to be wearing my wanna-be-Lululemon-but-really-from-Target lounge pants and a hoodie. 
I was no match for him.
But he still went on a play-date with me anyway.
To the toy store.
We bought glow-in-the-dark pirate stickers.
Best date I've had all year. And yes, I mean that.

Not to change the subject, and by that I mean I'm going to completely change it...does anyone follow the tumblr TO MY WIFE? Hilariously romantic notes from a husband to his wife. Albeit succinct, they still get the point across. I loved the one from today:


Working out party exit strategies before going to said parties is true love.




Fit With Flash said...

somebody's going to be a lady-killer when they get out of kindergarten...

Ruby Girl said...

cute, cute. love this. you have a darling blog. found you through "the daybook" :) <3

heidifaith said...

SUPER CUTE (little henry) and tumblr site! my favorite & closest to my reality: HOLDING - I will hold the door, your coat, your hand, grumpily hold your bag but no lapdogs of any kind.

Allie said...

What a looker! That sounds like an aaammaaazing date.

Charisse said...

"To My Wife" is one of my absolute favorites. I feel like every girl must want to marry that guy now - the stuff he posts is so. cute. (and so is that handsome guy in the photos!)

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