Monday, April 4

employment part 3: Alaska Airlines...

Ha. Gotcha.
No, I have not become a flight attendant.
Although my mother did ask me if I get free flights now.
Answer: No.
Wanna know something else I won't be getting?
A paycheck.

p/t nanny + p/t coffee shop barista + UNpaid internship = I'm 25, single and just moved to Seattle

 I'm super excited about this though.
I am a Spring Editorial Intern for Alaska Airlines magazine 
(Horizon Air is included in there as well).
Today was my first day, and besides the fact that I paid a total of $16 for street parking (which was clearly more than I earned today)...
I absolutely loved it. 
Fact-checking & proof-reading?
Two of my first loves.
Funny how I'm not getting paid to do something I'm good at, but getting paid to do something I'm not that good at (aka making coffee and getting along w/ a 5-year-old).
Thus is life.
Does everyone go through weird career moments like this at some point? 

In other news, I called my mom on my drive home...
Mom: "Oh hi honey! I'll have to call you back. My phone's dying and I'm at Chumash with Grandma."
Yes, as in the casino.


Brittany said...

Very cool! Congrats and goodluck! :)

christine donee said...

we all have those strange "in-between" times.. I'm currently in one as well.. so you're not alone! Congrats on the internship - that's really outstanding. I can't wait to hear more about it :)

Annie said...

frick cool! Can I start subscribing to American Airlines? :)

Eackers said...

I love your writing! Alaska is STUPID not to see your wonderful splendor and HIRE You in a heartbeat!! :)

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