Saturday, April 2

anti-Rebecca Black day

Just because this song is so off-the-charts awful, I'm doing a Friday Finds post on Saturday. I really know how to stick it to her, don't I?
While my sister is back home in Santa Barbara visiting, where it was over NINETY DEGREES this week, I've been waking up at 4 and 5am to steam milk and pull ristretto shots while it rains outside in Seattle. 
This leaves me with one large desire to go climb a mountain and...
Take. It. All. In.

both via fuckyeahhiking
I also want to go here. Need to go here.
I know ya'll are probably busy using your spring-form pans twice a day every day, but in case you need an actual use for them, they double as as seedling planter. And hellooooo...perfect for Spring!
And speaking of Spring, I'm really into bringing the great outdoors...inside lately. So these wood piece alphabet magnets are right up my alley. And you could convert them into more permanent wall fixtures too.
Title #0
I'd say I'd try to make this places in America print on my own, but let's not fool ourselves...
 These embroidered book covers by Jillian Tamaki are breathtaking. Girlfriend's got TALENT.

Love you all...anyone do anything fabulous yesterday that they are dying to tell me about? I'm all ears. Especially if it was in the Pacific Northwest. Especially if it involved sunshine. And hiking.


emme said...

don't worry... it was a pretty crummy day out today. which i actually appreciated considering i was sick in bed all day... wah wah.

Natalie said...

I live in Seattle and decided to check out the Fremont Sunday market today. Lunch, a stroll to see the troll followed by a walk through the market and along the canal. Still no sun today, but at least no rain. Will post photos from my outing tomororw night...

Allie said...

Next time it's sunny in Seattle, I promise, I will play hookie from work and go hiking with you!!!

christine donee said...

First of all: Those hiking/travel photographs are insane. I sort of need to get out of the city like yesterday. Also, I read about the embroidered covers a little while back and am over the moon excited about them. yes, over the moon.

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