Friday, April 1

employment part 2: Diva

You're not alone if this was the first thing you thought of after reading the title of this post.
Before I moved to Seattle and discovered this amazing locally owned coffee house chain, I was thinking the same thing.
I was also thinking that I wanted to fit the 20-something Seattle cliché as much as possible, so "coffee shop barista" only naturally meshed with my current nanny gig.

Another interesting tidbit worth mentioning here: 
The first time I ever had any form of coffee was in September of 2010. The day before my BFF's wedding, the mother of the bride brought a bunch of iced caramel macchiatos to the nail salon we were prepping at. I drank it. But I won't admit to liking it. 
Roommate even caught it on film. It was a big day.
Yes, it's true, you can make it through college without large quantities of caffeine. Apparently, however, you cannot make it through a month in Italy without coming home strung out on espresso. A month after the above picture I took off for Europe. Traveling in a foreign country really forced me out of my coffee-free comfort zone, and unwillingly into the arms of addiction. My traveling partner-in-crime, Erica, got to watch it all unfurl. I might even call her an enabler.

So how does someone with a lack of coffee history like mine wind up employed by a gourmet coffee shop?
No clue. But I'm a quick learner and I'm grateful for the money.
And guess whose shift started at 4:45 this morning?!?! You know it. And somehow I still took a three hour nap after a double Americano and a cup of drip. Goodness gracious, this might wreck me.

In other news, I gave up Friday Night Lights for Lent a few weeks back. At a worship night at church this evening, they played Explosions in the Sky (essentially the soundtrack of FNL) as people exited. I left church feeling tempted and dreaming of Tim Riggins. #counterproductive


Katie said...

I walk by your workplace almost every tuesday and thursday when I nanny! I'll have to stop by sometime :) p.s. I love that you're blogging in hashtags haha

Brittany said...

Ah espresso in Europe is the best thing ever! I love fact I am having a nice little latte riiiight now. Have a great weekend!

Ahn said...

oh lord he is a beautiful man.

Sarah said...

our friendship went to a whole new level when you discovered your tolerance, nay, your enjoyment of espresso.

thank you for that madison.

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