Thursday, March 31

Gungor: Beautiful Things

Don't be thrown off by the name of this band—especially if, like me, 
you automatically assumed it was a B-list Lord of the Rings character.
Just listen to it all the way through once. Have I led you astray before? 

And my favorite quotable from yesterday:
Me: It's okay to cry sometimes.
Henry (he's five): I know. It helps you heal.
Is his mother a therapist? Why yes, how'd you know.


wildchild said...

this is beautiful. i'm not sure what i was expecting from gungor, but i'm glad this is what i got

cjacks said...

Thanks for this song. I really enjoyed it. The overall production is inspiring and… wait, I think I'll just leave it there, since you've already completed your 100 hours of listening to my incessant prattle regarding production value and ‘the value of creative production‘. Yeah.

I sometimes have the urge to record something similar (musically mild, thought provoking, contemplative, etc.,) but find it hard to do. We'll see.

Thanks for introducing me to GUNGOR.

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