Friday, April 8

three months in

Korinne, Allie, me, Stacey
I've offish been in Seattle THREE months this week! 
And I have super cute friends to prove it. 
See? See? See?
Yes, today's Friday Finds are real, live people.
But I must pause here and give photo credit where it's due: Ahnika Johnson
And if you go follow her blog, maybe she won't get mad at me for blatantly plagiarizing the photos she forced us to pose for to prove that she had cute new friends too. 
I kid, I kid.
And might I just add a comment about how soouuuups pale I am these days?
Didn't realize it until I saw this picture.

Oh how I miss Santa Barbara sunshine. 
Good thing vampire is "in" right now. And I am—and will forever be—on Team Edward.
Go ahead and do yourself a favor and click on that link.


j + m said...

So cute! You have me pining for Seattle...

Ahn said...

oh lord he is a beautiful man.
way to make that picture a little less washed out. well done.

Korinne said...

vampire is a much more trendy way to describe the pale, ghostly, white tones we're experiencing.

Madeline... said...

Jess! Come back and visit for longer this time :)

Ahn...I'm pretty sure that's the second time you've left that same exact comment somewhere on my blog("Oh Lord he is a beautiful man")...which is great.
And yes...the photo shop action? It's a must.

Krinnnnn...summer is a comin'!

Natalie said...

You totally fit in, with the rain boots and all. I'd say you are a true seattle-ite.

Brittany said...

Ooooh WOW...he is SUCH a babe!! You look super cute in your Seattle gear! You aren't missing anything in Cali - it is FREEZINGGG and raining here! :(

Allie said...

I want to write something really inappropriate in lieu of that the RobP photo, but I'll hold off in case Ika or Craig read comments.

ika said...

Allie,best Mean Girls quote for me: "I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom" :)

ika said...

I hope you know I'm kidding.

Sarah said...

team jacob. 4 life.

and ika.... i think you're cool.

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