Saturday, April 9

currently on the library card

I just looked at my library account online and got a kick out of the list of "checked out" books.
Lately, I've made the mistake of borrowing books for other people on my library card.
Which is all fine and dandy until they forget to return them on time.
Try to guess which ones are actually mine.
Did I mention I nanny a 5- and 8-year-old?
And lemme tell ya, there is some whacky stuff out there that is passing for children's literature these days...for example, please note the fourth book down...Peyton Manning is a published author.

In Cold Blood
In Cold Blood A True Account of A Multiple Murder and Its Consequences  
By Capote, Truman 1992) 
I Touched the Moon!
Stories and Crafts for Kids (2001) 
Fire Trucks in Action 
By Schuh, Mari C. (2009)


Eating Local
The Cookbook Inspired by America's Farmers (2010) 
The Endeavour Mission STS-61
Fixing the Hubble Space Telescope 
By Zelon, Helen (2002) 
Writing Creative Nonfiction
Instruction and Insights from the Teachers of the Associated Writing Programs (2001) 
Blood, Bones & Butter
The Inadvertent Education of A Reluctant Chef 
Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk A Modest Bestiary By Sedaris, David (2010)
Pecorino Plays Ball is actually pretty cute. Too many words though. For a picture book, I mean. Have you read any of these? Preferably the "chapter books?" Thoughts? What's on your reading list right now? I'm always down for a good book recommendation.


Korinne said...

Wait. Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk...? I'm confused and more so intrigued, as to why you're reading this? And I love Nancy Drew.

wildchild said...

I just read Water for Elephants, partially because the movie is coming out soon with Reese Witherspoon and Rob Pattinson :) but it was surprisingly a really good book. It was really well written and such a good love story. get it :)

Madeline... said...

@wildchild: Water for Elephants is on my library holds list! Thanks for backing that one up...

Adam K said...

I feel like In Cold Blood might be a bit much for kids, even if they are 5 and 8.

And I think Peyton Manning is on the list of the could be either quarterbacks or authors....I'm not sure.

cjacks said...

I've read 'FIRE TRUCKS IN ACTION' more times than I can count. Talk about a great book!

Maggy said... too funny. It's like two truths and lie...library style.

Allie said...

I got that Henrietta Lacks book for my mom for Christmas.

Have you ever read Truman Capote's short stories? They are so damn good. But I hear In Cold Blood is better; really want to read it. Book club???

ika said...

Ack. That book traumatized me for life and I only read a few pages of it. Gee Madeline, remember the McGee and Me quote: "Garbage in Garbage out" (google McGee and Me- The Not-So-Great Escape part 3/3 on YouTube. Classic.

christine donee said...

Oh, Peyton. You make funny jokes. Like trying to be an author. That's a joke right? Funny.

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