Tuesday, April 19

tender: sea scallops & fruited couscous

I totally used to overuse the word "tender" as an emotional adjective.
"Awwwww, tenderrrrr..." came out of my sarcastic mouth a lot, and I'm confident I annoyed a few people who didn't agree that dogs and kittens cuddling together was tender.
So it makes sense that today at Alaska (my internship, not the state) I was handed this cook book to review...

First of all, I'm obsessed with the book. Local, seasonal, and simple, with gorgeous food styling and photography inside, hardbound and boasting of over 100 recipes. I promise I'm not being paid to promote this, but it's seriously great, espesh if you live in the Pacific Northwest.

Did I get to take it home? No. But I definitely wrote down a recipe for scallops that sounded divine. And divine is not a word I have ever used to describe seafood before. I'm growing up, guys! Also of note, I regularly interchange the words shallots and scallops. Look 'em up—they're fairly different.

Korinne came over and helped me eat them. Aren't they beeeeautiful?
Sea Scallops with Fruited Couscous

In other news, I am confident that I was the only person not at the Mumford and Sons concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl last night...I kid you not, 90% of status updates and tweets were pertaining to Marcus Mumford in some way. Apparently Westmont sponsored the event.


Sarah said...

seafood + maddie = fun!!

Ahn said...

1. your pictures always make me feel like a tool aka you are incredible
2. lizzie, my small groupie who i had to give my m&s tickets to for the concert last night, called me for several songs. it actually made me happy though, not jeal.

heidifaith said...

that is 10000000x better than what Ty & I had for dinner (think drive thru,golden arches, on the floor of our new home). you should think about inviting us over for dinner. no wait! orrr we could have you over for dinner in a few weeks. orrr both!

Camanda said...

Seriously. when are you going to start your own cookbook?? these pics are insane. I want to eat them.

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