Wednesday, April 20

baby penguins

I guess "nanny bloggers" aren't quite as trendy as "mommy bloggers" right now, but I'm not ready to commit to having my own children yet, so this will have to suffice...
Kiddos are on Spring break right now, which means eight hours of being entertained by yours truly. We made it to the zoo yesterday.
Baby penguins are thhhhee cuuhhhhtest creatures God has made. Fact.

Seconds before, I swear this gorilla baby was totally in the down-dog yoga position, with his hands on the top of that log in front of him...butt in the air. Incredible.
Ma faaaaavvorite
This is Miss Eva—Henry's older sister. I rarely blog about her, but it's nothing personal. She's a lovely girl—I just spend less time with her because she's in school longer. I swear. 

Great Eva moment: Yesterday I heard them physically fighting over some branch they had found in the backyard, and then I realize EVA IS HOLDING A KNIFE. I momentarily lost it and demanded that everyone freeze and the knife be set down
Lo and behold, this is the comment I receive: "Maddie, it's not a daannnnngerous knife. It's a whittling knife. Haven't you ever whittled before?"

No, actually, I haven't. And I didn't really think that you—at age 8—would own such a knife either. Forgive my stupidity.


Natalie said...

Great photo, especially the last one. What a nice portrait - I'm sure the parents love having you as their nanny & photographer.

ika said...

Sleeping with the penguins at Sea World! Well, surprise, they aren't sleeping at 2:00 a.m. They definitely are super cute! Cute photo's.

wildchild said...

oh gosh. dangerous or not, a knife is an acceptable reason to freak out.

jamie reed said...

great photos! i'm a nanny blogger too. we are so second-tier :)

don't know how i found your blog... (something like click click click) but i love your pictures!

Sarah said...

nice photo's maddie. i think you should try and sell them to their parents to pull in some extra cash.

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