Friday, March 18

it's late...but it's still Friday...

I'm sitting in bed at 10:30 on a Friday night listening to Imogen Heap's instrumental album, Ellipse. A candle is lit. Chocolate chips are involved. When I start to feel like I'm drowning in my tendency to be a homebody, I'm reminded that tomorrow, I'm running my first "official" 5K, so I need some good sleep tonight. In the meantime...these are neat and have kept my eyes entertained over the last week...

 Enjoying this photography community that shares pictures of their unique "tea times." It's called What Does Your Tea Time Look Like? Granted, I submitted an image, and they didn't want it. You win some, you lose some.

I've had this song looping all week as's fitting this season of life beautifully:
Amos Lee—"Violin" from the album Mission Bell. The family I nanny for owns it and it's become the background music for a lot of Uno games and art projects.

I've been attending hot yoga classes at Sutra Yoga (thank you, Groupon) in Wallingford, and this pose has me all sorts of inspired. 
I've also been drooling over Marco Suarez's landscape photography. Have yourself a look-see. He creates breathtaking work.

Highly interested in this Northwest architecture home tour going on in the Seattle area.

 Planning on touring the Theo Chocolate factory next week at some point. I'm a teensy bit picky (only a teensy bit) when it comes to chocolate...and Theo has never let me down. Soup excited about this.

Also of note...Emme and I are going to Bainbridge Island on Sunday. Big thanks to the Erickson family for gifting us with ferry passes. Going to have a photo heyday.


shayseaman said...

All I want to know that YOU doing the yoga pose? VERY inspiring!! Love you!!!

Fit With Flash said...

how'd your 5k go?!

happy weekend.

Allie said...

Love the new heeaader

Erin said...

My friend Yana does tours at Theo and she is great! This makes me miss Seattle.

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