Sunday, March 20

after winter, before the summer

SPRING! It's finally here! And in honor of the (hopefully) warmer weather...may I introduce you to my new blog header!
Even if today the weather was slightly blah...yesterday Seattle was gunning for it. Oh my goodness was the weather ever gorgeous. Perfect day for a 5K. Magnuson Park was stunning! And besides the fact that there were dads with strollers passing me by mile two, I beat my own that kind of made up for it.
And then I walked Green Lake with Jamie. And saw my first regatta. And made iced tea. And pretended I was in California. And that it was summer.
Meanwhile, crocuses are blooming like wild flowers. Fairly certain I'll be dedicating an entire post to just them...soon.


Bridget said...

love the new header but im stiiiiiiill pretty sure those are oranges. :)

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