Thursday, February 17

Ivan & Alyosha: Tiny Desk Concert

While none of these fine musicians are actually named Ivan or Alyosha, these boys have a special place in my heart—and not just because of the Dostoyevsky reference. In real life, the two on the left are Pete and Tim Wilson, brothers from Seattle who have an uncanny knack for writing honey-sweet music. 
I met them both back in 2005, when my friend Heidi was dating one of them and trying to set me up with the other. Now they're both married—and not to either of us. 
Their album release party was on Feb. 4, at Columbia City Theater, and I was oh-so-happy to have scored a ticket to the sold out show (thanks to Mr. Rene Ramos, whom I still need to pay back :)
My favorite song of theirs didn't make it into this Tiny Desk Concert...but you can download it for FREE here. It's called Glorify. And I love what guitarist Ryan Carbary had to say about it:
"We enjoy having a drink, making love with our wives and singing hymns (not necessarily in that order), so we put it all together in one song. In the wrong context or in excess the things we're singing about can be destructive, but if done right can be very enjoyable. We strive to do (or not do) these things in a way that glorifies the Lord of above."
True dat. 


hayley oa said...

I really miss you. i also know Renee. These things are facts.

Ahn said...

ummm...hello i love this band now. that guys voice is ridiculous. so good.

Charisse said...

Wow - great song and great quote - love it.

JMay said...

LOVE this, thanks for posting. Such a great song!

heidifaith said...

yey! i'm glad you enjoy them. must be known that the guy on the very far right saved my life. it's true.

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