Friday, February 18

Fridays are the best days

I remember as far back as Kindergarten my dad telling me what has now become his own personal adage:
"Fridays are the best days."
Maybe that was just his kid-friendly version of "TGIF," but either way it's true. And I haven't questioned it since. 
And maybe unemployed Fridays don't quite have that edge of coolness that they do when you have a M-F job, but I still smile when I wake up and realize it's the proverbial end of the work week. Friday is really just a state of mind, after all. blog has typically been a more personal blog, where I share my own writing, thoughts, recipes and photography. But I also wouldn't mind it being a place to share other people's things that I love or find otherwise entertaining. So I'll do that once a week. Call it Friday Finds...Fun...or F-ing Awesome. It doesn't matter to me. I'm open to any great alliterations you can offer me.
I just hope that you all enjoy it. :)
Happy Friday everyone! 
"Into the Heavens"—photography by Catherine Jamieson
Fellow Seattle-ite Moorea Seal's amethyst rings

Art on Globes—"Rock My World"
Salon de coiffure
toilet paper roll art by Anastassia Elias

Street art come to life by Michael Aaron Williams
Kate O'Connor - Kate O'Connor, "Missing"
Kate O'Connor - Kate O'Connor "Romance Novels"Kate O'Connor - Kate O'Connor, "Why"

Kate O'Connor embroidery on handkerchiefs—hilarious

 Scar Jo for Moet & Chandon — could I adore her more.


Bridget said...

love that globe!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...


i just love how your dad's adage has inspired fridays to a whole new level for you! sounds like he has such a splendid outlook on things, my kinda dude!

awesome idea for weekly entry and i think you should call it exactly what your ace of a dad does.

socks are officially rockin' with all this goodness, beautiful shares lades!

pea ess: thank you beyond much for your comment and your prayers. my gratitude abounds. you are a special girl and i adore you reaching out to me like that. xo ♥

Camanda said...

Scar Jo is a sloot!

Adam said...

You're a good blogger. In my experience blogging lasts about a week. You're running with that torch!

That said, I like "Friday Finds". Or how about "Freaking Fun Friday Finds"? Too many F's, maybe.

Now I'm all inspired to do some nice artwork in the hopes that I'll be featured one of these Fridays. I don't have anything worthy yet, so don't give me any pity posts.

I like the handkerchiefs. I also find ScarJo to be fetching, but she's kind of gone from "attractive anti-celeb" to "sexy celeb", which I'm not sure is a good thing. She still seems level-headed, though.

Anyway, keep carrying the torch of blogging for those of us who can only go a couple of steps before falling.

cjacks said...

While you were ‘growing up’ I guess I did say (way too many times of course), that Friday is the best day of the week. I mean, you've got the weekend coming—duh, no school the next day, the chance of having someone over to spend the night or, better yet—spending the night at someone else's house. I also wanted to convey that even on Thursday, just thinking about Friday and its once a week blessings, made Friday the best day of the week for me.

I hope you do do a special Fun Finds Fridays blog once a week. I guess that would add one more thing to look forward to on that very special day.

Sarah said...

i hate sheryl crow

:) i really do

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