Tuesday, February 1

green tea ice cubes

I did receive some strange looks from my roommate last night when she caught me pouring the piping hot green tea I had just brewed into an ice cube tray. And then there was the issue of my Magic Bullet getting some water in its engine, resulting in me essentially using a hair dryer on a blender this morning. But no matter. It was all worth it in the end. And being that I'm still unemployed...no time lost. :)

Green Tea Berry Smoothie:
≈8 green tea ice cubes
1 cup frozen bluebs
1/2 cup pomegranate seeds
ice water as needed
frozen micro greens
0% Greek yogurt
Just the energy I needed to complete my taxes start to finish this morning. And get a Seattle Public Library card. Holla.
Anybody else obsessed with The Civil Wars new album, Barton Hollow


Camanda said...

That looks sooo delish, Mads. Want one. Right now!

Bridget said...

oh my my look at you. bleubs. hehe.

annnnnd are they your pics? theyre bomb.

Allie said...

Woah. That looks too healthy. Be careful there.

Ahn said...

i'm with bridge. those pics are amazeballz.

Madeline... said...

what else do i have to do for hours on end each morning of my unemployed life but take pictures of ice cubes?

And Ahn...amazeballz? Who are you?

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