Friday, January 28

make my common deeds adventures

Hopefully you can enjoy The Weepies' newer stuff as much as we have today as water continues to fall from the sky up here. I love their song "I Was Made for Sunny Days"...but figured I didn't need to remind myself of that obvious truth right now...
Conceptual artist and illustrator Lauren Briere (LunchBox) made this music video for the band, The Weepies. It is owned by Nettwerk Music Group.

For me, today consisted of back and forth errands: dropping off a truck's worth of wet cardboard boxes at the recycling center, visiting two banks, getting only slightly lost once, making a chalkboard, cooking...and more unpacking. I was pleasantly reminded of a fantastic quote that an old friend (slash my old boss) shared with me when I was most feeling like my common place life wasn't adding up to much...

"[The pious man's] main asset is not some singular experience but life itself. Any exceptional experience serves only as a keyhole for the key of his belief. He does not depend on the exceptional, for to him commonplace deeds are adventures in the domain of the spiritual, and all his normal thoughts are, as it were, sensations of the holy. He feels the hidden warmth of good in all things, and finds hints of God in almost every ordinary object on which he turns his gaze. It is for this reason that his words bring hope into a sordid and despairing world."
Rabbi AJ Heschel

BAM. And suddenly my day is back on the map.


Ellen B. said...

Thank you for sharing that quote.

Angie said...

How is it that every song you post on here i end up listening to on repeat for at least a day? Keep 'em comin!!!

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