Wednesday, February 2

bringing creativity to the closet

And suddenly my blog takes a swift dive into the shallow end...
So I'm a day late. But I'm still doing it. 
Kendi has thrown together another oh-so-brilliant 30 for 30 Challenge, wherein you essentially pick out 30 items from your already-existing closet (shoes, shirts, skirts, pants, sweaters, jackets) and "remix" them into 30 new-ish outfits without making a single clothing purchase for 30 days. That's a lot of 30. And in five more years I'll BE 30. Gag. 
Anyhow, I figured my currently-unemployed self could only benefit from trying it out. I really only rotate through three pairs of jeans anyway. (Kind of kidding, kind of not.)
Annnnnd I have to post pictures of myself every day for the next month. 
Aren't you just so excited?!
And I'm only feeling about 99% embarrassed about it. Which is about the same level of shame I felt the time we tried to break into a Katy Perry concert at my old high school. Just to give you a tangible comparison.
Sweater: BDG; Shirt: ecote/thrifted; Pants: siwy/Buffalo Exchange; Shoes: Bamboo Shoes
And there you have it. Day 2 of 30 for 30. I realize I skipped over Day 1, but that's because I was wearing my Official Unemployment Outfit...aka Lululemon leggings and my new Patagonia pullover. Which is so comfortable, I might devote an entire post to it sometime in the future.
Props to my sister Emme for playing photog. Through the next 30 days we'll also be teaching her how to use my manual camera correctly. See? Everybody benefits!

In truth, the penny-pinching has been rough since I'm new to Seattle and oh my goodness have you seen the nightlife and array of fine dining potential up here?! It puts Santa Barbara to shame. And has a way later bedtime. And since almost anything social involves food and going out, I'm having a hard time saying no to some (if not most) of it.
I went to The Hi-Life in Ballard with a new friend last night for happy hour...and had an incredible flatbread pizza made with butternut squash, goat cheese, pancetta and Tutto Calabria peppers.
So when it comes to the budget...I'm having a hard time cutting out food/drinks/coffee because, hellooooo, I need a reason to leave the house once in a while...
So clothes will have to go.
I'll talk about my 30 picks tomorrow. We did group critiques in my CNF writing class tonight, and it all but sucked the life out of me.


emme said...

these photos are horrible. i'm using MY camera tmrw.

Madeline... said...

that's what I suggested in the first place...but thanks for the love

Bridget said...


Anna Jordan said...

(i was also there for the kp concert break in)...miss you!!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Love the top!

Ahn said...

1. there was no shame.
2. grant passed his second exam. one more.

Camanda said...

you are such a beauty!!!!!!! Hahaha, I just died laughing all over again at the K Perry DP day. YAY for grant passing exam two! if they end up moving there, let's talk ahn into running that half with us.... ;)

woodycakes said...

oh unemployment, at least you rotate 3 jeans, i literally wore the same thing :)

love the color of your top!

Brittney said...

katy perry huh. so you attempted it...but did you succeed? inquiring minds want to know. okay, maybe just MY mind wants to know. but still. i'm inquiring. :)
your top is a beautiful color.
-brittney (fellow remixer)

Antoinette said...

I have to comment on your gorgeous shiny hair!!

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