Tuesday, November 30

thanksgiving: little house on the prairie edition

This Thanksgiving our choices were Santa Barbara with extended relatives...or a Vegas timeshare. 
So we opted for a 10'x10' cabin on the outskirts of Lake Arrowhead, which apparently is always an option when your mom is Ika Jacks, who has supernatural last-minute reservation-booking powers. She also has supernatural Scrabble powers. Don't ever play Scrabble with her. By our second turn, I had 22 points and she had 103. Not kidding.

Look! The cabin is as big as the car!

making mashed po's
cozy. quaint. all those cabin-y words. 
turkey & apple cider on the bedside table
no room on the table for the mashed po's...good thing the bed is only two feet away!
Dad mad place cards :)
We also gave Jack a turkey leg. Thought it'd be fun to see if the tryptophan from the turkey would knock him into a coma. It didn't. But his eyes did look a little cracked out the next day.
We also made the poor little guy wear this AWESOME NEON GREEN HOODIE! the entire vacation.
Jack was also scared to pee in the snow. 
blogging, perhaps...?
sisters: 1, 2 & 3

I also attempted to eat a caramel apple with mittens on. Maybe don't try that. But definitely do try drinking a cappuccino out of a wine glass (Thanks, Daddy!)...you'll feel like Holly Golightly.

And I really do have a dad...but he was taking this photo "of his girls"  :)

Hope Thanksgiving was fabulous for you all too...full of warmth, board games and lots of cuddling. mj


Justine said...

beautiful. AHHHHHHHH!

ika said...

And thank YOU for the wonderful Sourdough bread pudding/stuffing with apples, pecans and love. ymmmm.

Bridget said...

this seriously i s my perfect vaycay. eww i said vaycay. whatever. i dont take it back.

do you guys own this cabin? can i come?

gina marie said...

Aw sisters. What a good lookin' fam :]

Tunes & Spoons said...

oh. my. gracious. your Thanksgiving looks like it was divine! the pictures capture everything so beautifully!

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