Thursday, December 2

resolution warm-up

Sometimes New Year's Day is too much of a jolt to my system to come up with life-changing resolutions for the entire next year. So I start small. And I start a month early. 
You are looking at a strong believer in baby steps.

P.S. Speaking of baby steps, today was the premiere of the fourth season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew (whom I had the starstruck pleasure of seeing in Santa Barbara three weeks in November).  Jason Wahler from The Hills is on's gonna be a hot season. Not to mention, I'm sure it was a hard one for the cast. Drug addiction is a bitch. 


Allie said...

did you make that list?? I love the typography! Might have to borrow it.....

Madeline... said...

yep...list by yours truly

probably more like that comin' at ya

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