Monday, November 29


Pros: Adding overall edge and excitement to otherwise...plain, long hair.
Cons: Moving to Seattle in a month. Wind. Rain. Weather...?


Justine said...

do the ones on the right.

ms. elisabeth said...

i have bangs... side swept.
i've had all kinds though.
if you're low maintenance, you may want to reconsider...
they always need to be trimmed and tend to get in the way.
also take into consideration how thick your hair is.
i have thin hair, so straight across bangs look bland and whispy on me. whereas my friend with thick hair looks great with straight across bangs.
but at the very least, you can always pin them back :)
good luck!

Sarah said... should have put up the picture I sent you of MYSELF with bangs. GO FOR IT! they're fun...and your hair grows at lightening fast speeds anyway.

they're super easy to trim by yourself too.

I love brave hair maddie! (almost as much as cleaning maddie!)

Ahn said...

well, i obviously feel good about this idea. but i will agree with the maintenance thing. you have to get them trimmed once every other week if you keep them long.

Katy said...

Had one. Grease prone forehead meant I couldn't keep it!

tresser*ize said...

yes! Go for it. Just cut mine and i'm not disappointed in the least! Was scared I'd be revisiting 5th grade. i was inspired by the latest photos of rashida jones in Lucky Mag.

Lynn said...

totally rock the bangs girl! i love mine and have never looked back. i adore Naomi's and Miss James too, too much, it's great to have them just that bit longer and then you could still pull them back.

never fear the Seattle storms, i'm in Vancouver and the weather here's similar, that's what pretty little hats are for! ♥

Camanda said...

If it makes you feel better, I'm thinking of doing it too!! Not sure if that's a wise idea since I don't have thickness like yours...but I say WHY NOT!

Fit With Flash said...

you will look cute! i looked like a 3 year old that just got into the scissors when I did mine last (age 11). so i wouldn't do it, but that's me. just be prepared for the in-between phase of growing them back out.

Allie said...

I got bangs as a post-breakup thing in July, and I'm so happy I did. Everyday, I look in the mirror and I'm like, yah, I look so good with bangs. Hahaha. But seriously.

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