Friday, November 26

searching for: moccasins

Did a little online window shopping in honor of Black Friday...since I haven't left our little 10x10 cabin yet this morning. My sister calls them moccos. My friend calls them mocs. I call them "the next thing I'm going to purchase for my feet." Anyone have any that were under $50 that they absolutely love?
We are headed out to a teensy thrift store in the "heart" of this sleepy little mountain town. My favorite kind of shopping. And I might have had apple pie for breakfast. 
29 days til CHRISTMAS, people! Get excited.  
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Lynn said...

oh i LOVE mocs! my favs are these. i'm gonna be doing a post about them this weekend too, so in love with the apple ones, they're new for fall.

xox good lucks on your hunt for the perfect pair.

Justine said...

I got the classic Minnetonkas for about 30 bucks. Love them almost two years later.

Diana Mieczan said...

I always wanted a pair and they really look comfy and sweet. Btw: I looked at your photos and they are fantastic. Love them all:)
Have a great weekend

Fit With Flash said...

The UGG ones are amazing! But they're also $100. Target has some that look the same for $10. I'm sure they'll lose their softness in a couple months, but that's just long enough to hold out until somebody buys them for you for Christmas!

Annie said...

if you got the thunderbird mocs, we would be twins. I hope that seals your decision.

Sarah said...

i've been wanting minnetonka's forEVER. there's a whole store of them in SOLVANG! hit that up!

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