Thursday, November 25

thankful abc's

...and can I just point out that it RHYMES too!? Yah whatever, Lil Wayne. Whatever.
On a more serious note, I'm trying to pause today to remember not just what I'm thankful for
but who I am thankful to
Today I plan on: 
...reading some Annie Dillard...
...eating lots of cranberry ice...
...playing Apples to Apples with the fam...
...pretending I'm on the set of Little House on the Prairie...

I'm sure I'll be back later with plenty of ridiculous Jacks family anecdotes.
So far our car has only gotten stuck in the snow once, 
we started a communal wool sock drawer,
and Jack Jacks is deathly afraid of peeing in the snow.
Now go be with the ones you LOVE! mj


Allie said...

LOVE THIS! AND LOVE YOU. Hope I can see you while I'm in town.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh! i love your list. this is the most creative thankfulness i have ever seen.

i just have to say:

apples to apples is the bomb.
i love very good reads as well (thanks for the suggestions!)

i have read the help, and it was delightful. i just spread the word to my grandma's book club and my mother.

happy thanksgiving :)

Bridget said...

looove this.

and seriously, i don't understand jake and taylor. how can the same guy who dated reese witherspoon be dating taylor swift? it's all sorts of wrong.

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