Wednesday, September 15

{ jr. high name-dropping }

So yesterday the shameless Ahn, Anna and I attempted to break into a local high school to sneak into a private Katy Perry concert. Good heavens I wish that last sentence was all just something I dreamed up (a "Teenage Dream," if you will)....

With cops circling the surrounding neighborhood on motorcycles, we thought we didn't stand a chance.
And we didn't.
But Anna and I did make it into the student parking lot. Possibly because we can both look like we're 16. And I was driving a cheap rental car.
Ahn had her 6-year-old nephew with her. I know teen pregnancy is on the rise, but come on...we weren't a very believable lot. They only made it to the bathroom on the outskirts of the school. We reconvened in the student lot, where Anna proceeded to drop and shatter her iPhone in typical 16-year-old fashion. The security guy with "the list" still didn't soften up, so we left. Such a let down. I mean, I'm practically an alum. Come on, Dos Pueblos High School.

GO TO THIS LINK and watch the minute-long video. Katy totally slams a guy we went to jr. high with (Shane Lopes) and TALKS ABOUT ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS!
Absolutely ridiculous.

Photo courtesy of Noozhawk.


Ahn said...

come on. it was a bathroom on the inskirts.
ps. talked to manda. she's been getting stupid calls all day from gossip websites.

Justine said...

when did SB get so entertaining? Oh yeah, the day I left.

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