Tuesday, September 21

{ firenze }

I'm going to Italy!
It's been quite the roller-coaster of dreaming, planning, stopping plans, restarting plans, stopping again, and then finally going through with them.
And now I leave in ONE WEEK.
Good thing I just booked our apartment in Florence...an hour ago. :)

My friend Erica and I are off to Rome for three nights, then Florence for three weeks to attend a Tuscan cooking and wine pairing culinary course called Apicius
(Jealousy is a sin.)
Erica has never been to Europe at all...and I've technically only been once, so brace yourselves for some sure-to-be-riveting stories when we return. 

I just booked us an apartment around the corner from the Ponte Vecchio:

The Old Bridge

I'm going to try really hard to enjoy a good cappuccino:

And one more shot of the place I'm beyond excited to call home for a short, sweet while:


Bridget said...

A COOKING AND WINE PAIRING CLASS?!?!? DONT EVEN. our budding friendship might be over.

Allie said...

When you get to Seattle, you must teach me your Tuscan cuisine ways.

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